May 21, 2021

May 2021

Emotional day today.... I collected the chain that my darling brother used to wear from the wonderful jeweller Catherine Hills, who created this for me 💙❤️  I was extremely hesitant to hand this over to her incase it got lost but I was desperate to wear it and make it unique.

It may sound morbid to some, especially in the way he passed, but this is the most special item to me because he was wearing it when he transitioned to paradise and I feel it just keeps him close.

I am beyond blessed to be able to wear my brother’s chain everyday now with the new additions:

The two little acorns have our initials inscribed 👫

The oak leaf represents the family tree 🌳

The stone is our joint birthstone for April 💎

And the Angel wing represents my brother in spirit (paradise 🏝) 

Catherine has been incredible by creating this in such a sensitive way during my grief journey. Thank you Catherine ❤️

Catherine is an award winning designer and maker of jewellery for the Harry Potter films which connects a special memory I have with my brother.  When I was really poorly many many years ago and staying with my parents after being in hospital, Stu brought me home the first Harry Potter movie on DVD.  I will now forever hold this memory in my heart everytime I see or hear anything to do with HP!