Remembering & Honouring

Our Loved Ones

Stuart Cooper

Departed in Ashdown Forest on

14 June 2020, Forever 48.Missed more than words can say. We are carrying on your kindness and good deeds each and every day in your memory Stu. The best son, brother, uncle, friend, partner, colleague. Truly loved by so many.Love you forever. Until we meet again.Linzi, Mum, Dad, Family & Friends xxxx❤️

Bradley Everitt

Bradley left us on 17th May 2021.
He was the youngest son of Angela and Clive, brother to Daniel, Andrew and Matthew.
An amazing father to Raife, Savannah and Tommy Jack.
He always had a beaming smile but hid his heartache and anguish from those who knew him.
He served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan.
He is deeply loved and missed by everyone who knew him, especially his family. Rest in peace now Brad. 💙💙


I miss you dad. Simply miss you. I wish you had reached out to me. I hope you are soaring free now with no pain.
Love you always your toodlepip xx

Zander Benjamin Ward

Our precious 18 year old son left us October 25, 2021
We will never be the same again. Zander is the 4th son out of 5 sons. He worked at the local independent ice cream shop on Main Street and was loved by everyone he met. He always had a big smile on his face. Sadly he hid his struggles from almost everyone. Us, his family tried everything we could to help him, but it was ultimately too much for him. Missed beyond measure. Loved all the way to the moon and back again, always and forever, no matter what! Until we meet again..

Joe Anderson

My lovely son Joe, #foreveryoung passed 16th September 2018, he had just turned 31 by a matter of days. The pain of losing his soulmate and his baby daughter Ava, was just too much to bear. He left this world just 2 days after his baby girl turned one. Loved and missed with every breath I take. Beloved son, brother to Danielle, Glen and Ruby, father to Ava - Be at peace my lovely boy - I'm so sorry I couldn't save you ❤️

Mathew Mcmanus

You left us on 09/11/2020 at Trafford train station, never said goodbye, breaks my heart everyday knowing I'm not going to see you or hear you tell me you love me any more 😭 sleep tight my beautiful baby brother till we meet again ❤️

Nick Lee

To my amazing brother ❤️
Nick spent his life helping others. He served in the Royal Anglian Regiment for 6 years, then a Paramedic for 18.
He worked tirelessly through the pandemic, he was kind, patient, funny and just an all round amazing man.
There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think of him. I love you with all my heart wonderful brother of mine ❤️

Sam Spooner

You left us aged 20 Sammy in 2018.
Oh how we all miss you. Our funny, handsome, gifted boy. If only you'd realised what you had to offer the world!
Hoping you are in your happy place, free from pain, smiling, laughing, singing, dancing and chillin'
Miss you and love you x ❤️

Simon Webb

My beautiful baby brother, forever in my heart. I miss you every day. There’s a big Simon shaped hole in our family now but we will forever remember all the fun, happiness and mischief you brought us. I am so grateful I get to call you my brother. Love you always, your big sis xx

Mary Collin

Mum, 6th August 1985 will forever be etched in my memory. That was the day my world fell apart when you died by suicide. I will never know why?
You have missed the happy and sad times in my life. I would like to think you would have been proud of what I have achieved (becoming a Registered Nurse for example).
I will forever miss you 💔
Until we meet again.. 💞

Samuel Howes

To our cheeky, charming and vibrant boy Samuel. We so miss your unique insight, beautiful laugh and zest for life. You are always front of mind, we will all build a life to include your special place in our hearts and family. Love mum, Lily, Harry and Daisy x

Roz Mcashee

31st December 2020 my big sis roz was very much loved by everyone that met her she was very kind hearted beautiful inside and out she loved working with children roz loved her lifestyle travelling around the world she adored her friends and they were her family as sister we were so different I was scatty and always getting into trouble and embarrassing her 😅 that what little sisters do 😅 my beautiful sister you so much missed you will never be forgotten your friends tell me stories with laughter and smiles just how you wanted to be remembered ❤️❤️
little sis Michelle 🖤❤️💔

Jordan Phillip

We miss you more than words can say.
We are doing all we can now through The Jordan Legacy to stop other people and families going though what you did and what we have since losing you. Love you always and forever, Mum, Dad, Danielle and all the family xXx little sis Michelle 🖤❤️💔

Sandy McLellan

Our beautiful boy, Sandy. We miss his kind, gentle soul, his amazing ability to make everyone laugh and his 'whispering' way with animals. He struggled so hard with his mental health. Life will never be the same again. He gave us a precious grandson who wonders where his beloved dad has gone. Forever in our heart and minds, forever 28.


I lost my beautiful Mom (Peggy) to suicide in June 2020 at the age of 71. I know everyone says there Mom is amazing but she truly was, she was my best friend and the most wonderful Nanny to my now 5 year old daughter. My Mom had suffered with depression 5 years before she died and recovered a few month's after but rapidly went down hill this time last year. She was a Nurse for over 50 years until the pandemic when she was asked to take 3 months off. I think she was very worried about having to retire and that seemed to be the trigger. She was under the mental health services for 2 week's before she died but with covid things were limited. I feel sure if she had seen a GP face to face things could have been different and I will forever blame covid. I found my Mom which was obviously very sad and traumatic but felt it could only ever be me who found her 💔 Suicide is something I had never really came across personally before but it truly is such a preventable, horrid and tragic death that leaves behind such devastation, sadness and loss. I just so desperately miss her and feel so sad she felt that low. I'm not ashamed of how she died but it does add another element/layer of grief to the loss. 

Sean Fowler

Miss you every day dad. You are the best dad and grandad. I just wish you could come home and be with us all again ❤️

Karl Mortimer

My beautiful son Karl, forever 37 yrs, you made us laugh, you made us proud, you never told us about the pain you were in, we miss you every day, and will never stop loving you or asking why.
I loved you the moment I saw you and will love you when I draw my last breath xxx

Brandon Swerdfeger

I miss u so much son, it's been just over a year and I'm still really hurting, my heart breaks over n over, the Bible holds thousands of God's promises, the one that He's really been spot-lighting is Romans 8:28, so I've been holding on to that with both hands. I'll see you again son 💔

Tom Brown

My first born so special to me and loved by so many if only you knew. You tried so hard to rid yourself of your demons (depression). Here's hoping you are now at peace in nature what you loved. We are keeping up your WhatsApp Nature Group that you set up and baking biscuits for your friends to keep you close . Always in my heart ❤

Jacqueline Rose Hargreaves

My darling sister left our side in August 2018. She battled with her own demons for 10 years until she chose to end her fight. I hope she’s found the peace she desperately searched for. Until we meet again my angel 💔

Forever 32 J.R.H

Matthew Mackell (Matty)

In loving memory of my son Matthew Mackell - a beautiful kind loving caring young man with a heart of gold and a beautiful smile to go with it forever in so many peoples hearts forever ❤️

Antony Partridge

My loving Husband took his own life on 21.11.21, he was so full of life, outgoing, caring, heart of gold. Do anything for anyone, left behind 2 kids aged 14 & 12.

Miss him so much, forever in our Hearts, never forgotten, till we meet again.

Gone Too Soon.

James Henry

Jimmer left us on 12-20-17 i miss you every day! i can’t believe you're gone, our kids are doing good they are so big now , i just want you to know that i love you and always will love you , and i will see you again we all love and miss you , i think of you daily! i will never ever forget you , you are the love of my life and you're my husband for ever💋🙏🏻 RIP my sweet nuggets ! always in our hearts


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