The Paradisium Community For Suicide Loss Survivors

By Trauma Therapist & Author of
'What Suicide Left Behind'

Linzi Meaden

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Bringing Together A Community of Hope
& Supporting Chosen Charities

My Darling Brother

Stuart Cooper
April 1972 to June 2020

"your wings were ready....
but our hearts were not"

The Pain: We know only too well, the pain we have to carry with us the moment our loved ones end their pain and suffering. This is why our own wellbeing is so important.

The Isolation: When those around you don't understand, or there is no one at all to reach out to, then a community like this is essential to give you support, hope and connection.

Grief: All grief is different and suicide grief takes on another level.  It's complicated. Only those grieiving loss to suicide can fully understand.  Grief needs to be able to express itself and move.  
Grief is love & loss....and love never dies.

Compassion:  We are all grieving in our own way and so we can show compassion to others by just being there, listening and reaching out. There's zero judgement here. We care and support one another.

My Story...

...To help become someone else's survival guide

Losing my only sibling to suicide has changed me, my family, and my life forever. I've been vocal throughout my grief journey since that day in June 2020, as it's my way of dealing with it. I've found my voice and I'm using it (for a change!). My pain is moving into a purpose.

My mission is to make suicide loss and grief more acceptable to talk about openly and to help those with suicidal thoughts to stay and find ways to live, better. 

Together we are stronger.  Together we will make a difference.

My Focus / Mission:

  • Suicide Loss Survivor - sharing my journey to help others
  • Speaking Up About Suicide & Grief
  • Supporting Others to Navigate Their Own Grief Journey
  • Using Our Voices To Make A Difference
  • Promoting Life, Healing & Kindness
  • Author of the book "What Suicide Left Behind" (written during the first 6 months of grief) available on Amazon
  • Host of 'Life After Suicide' Clubhouse room providing a weekly platform for loss survivors to talk, share and connect
  • Raising Funds for Charities (currently Suicide & Co and Search Dogs Sussex)
  • Creator of Suicide Loss Support Online Programme
  • Qualified Therapist Since 2012 (Trauma Therapy)

We Are Stronger Together

Watch My Grief Journey & Interviews

I've shared my grief videos online to help others feels less alone on their journey.

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Our small private group is for anyone affected by suicide loss.

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My Recommended Resources

Charities, groups, books, therapies....this is where I share useful resources.

Why Paradisium?

This is 'The Paradisium Tree of Hope & Healing' offering anyone affected by suicide to find ways to heal.

When my brother died by suicide in 2020, he changed his online profile picture that day to "Escape To Paradise".  

We use this to give us comfort knowing he is now resting in paradise.

"Paradisium" was born out of a conversation between me and a school friend of my brother's at the start of 2021, when we spoke about setting up an online choir during lockdown to help with grief.  Singing helps me massively with my emotions.

I originally set up 'branches' of The Paradisium Tree with grief workshops and classes such as art & crafts, singing, dancing, weekly Clubhouse 'Life After Suicide' room, book club, writing club, meditations, walking etc.  All designed to help us and our wellbeing.

*Please note that all workshops/classes are currently on hold until further notice.*

Think of Paradisium as your Safe Place

To Make New Friends

To Express Your Emotions

To Feel Comfortable Navigating Your Own Grief Journey


How To Let Go of Guilt, Anxiety & Overwhelm After Suicide Loss 

Your Wellbeing Matters.  
When we experience traumatic loss and complex grief, it's critical that we look after ourselves more than ever before.