Sharing My Personal Grief Journey
& Interviews/ Chats

Along with these videos below, Linzi has been interviewed on many Podcasts, BBC Radio and has worked with several charities raising awareness.  For media enquiries, email

4 Months of Grief

9 mins 49 secs - Oct 2020

Recorded in October 2020, just 15 weeks after my brother passed by suicide completely out of the blue during the Covid Pandemic Lockdown/Restrictions.

Scattering Ashes

2 mins 43 secs - Oct 2020

One of the 8 different places where we've scattered his ashes.  This was our childhood home.

iCloud Access & Data

6 mins 58 secs - Oct 2020

March 28th 2021 Update:  I finally gained access to my brother's iCloud account WITHOUT the court order. Visit my Facebook Group for the full details.

Book of Remembrance

4 mins 44 secs - Oct 2020

Why doing simple tasks during early stages of grief seem so difficult.

Before The Inquest

4 mins 33 secs - Nov 2020

Preparing for the Inquest, 5 months after he died

5 Months of Grief

8 mins 29 secs - Nov 2020

Offloading my thoughts...

The Story of What Happened

18 mins - Nov 2020

That pivotal moment when your life changes forever.

8 Months of Grief

2 mins 40 secs - Feb 2021

Ashdown Forest - Visiting the place my brother departed from...

Why Grief Never Ends

7 mins - March 2021

My grief journey so far (9 months on this journey)

1st Birthday Without You Here...

5 mins - April 2021

Navigating mine and my brother's birthdays without him

1st Anniversary of Your Departure...

1 min 35 secs - June 2021

Returning to our childhood village to remember and reflect

Interviews & Chats

Compassionate Conversations

1 hour - February 2021

Michele is a Relationship Healer & Development Coach and I was invited onto her IGTV called 'Compassionate Conversations'.  Michele studies the work of Gabor Mate and explains a little about trauma, our emotions and being a 'people pleaser'.  A really insightful conversation.

Suicide Survivor Jacky

1 hour - March 2021

Jacky attempted suicide in the past and shares her journey of hope.  She has set up a charity Running Space to promote life and beat suicide.

Apologies for the poor video quality - this was recorded live on Facebook - but the conversation is important and definitely worth listening to.

Sibling Loss - Matthew Shares His Journey

1 hour - April 2021

I met Matt in a Sibling Grief Room on Clubhouse (the audio app).  Matt's older sister Helene tragically died by suicide 26 years ago when he was just 15 yrs old. We talk openly about our grief and our siblings and the importance of putting on our own oxygen mask first...

Sibling Loss & Healing Journey With Rebecca

1 hour - May 2021

Rebecca lost her brother Jack to suicide in 2018 and she has been on a beautiful healing journey that she now shares with others.  Rebecca is an earth angel who helps others at her retreat in Bali as well as online.

Interview Series With Caro

30 Mins - July 2021

Caro runs 'Healing After Suicide Loss' & This Interview Was Part Of The Programme in 2021.  Caro lost her mum to suicide.