September 28, 2022

September 2022

I need your help everyone.🙏

I want to raise £2,280 (the total number of miles I'm walking/cycling/dancing) for two charities……it’s all part of the virtual Route 66 challenge, which I’ve just started in memory of my darling brother Stuart (he never got to complete it in real life 😢) and I’m also racing against another suicide loss survivor who is currently 100 miles ahead 😫🥵

Pleeeeease if you can spare any amount, it will not only help to give me more energy and motivation, but it will be a massive help to my two chosen charities:

Suicide & Co (I am an Ambassador)
Search Dogs Sussex (part of Lowland Rescue)

 (see link below for all the details) ❤️🙏

👉I know cost of living is huge right now so please only donate if you are comfortable to do so. We all need to look out for one another and your well-being is important ❤️

🌟If you know of any local businesses or super stars who would love to support, I will happily show my gratitude across social media and I’m sure the two charities will too 👏

💕 I’m just a sister grieving her only sibling and doing whatever I can to help others. It’s been 2 years and 5 months since my world changed 💔 and our parents lost their only son 😢 We all miss him more than words can say 😔

Please help if you can or share the link to share the support 🥰

Thank YOU from my heart to yours xxxx
Linzi 🙏