September 3, 2021

September is Suicide Awareness Month 🙏

Never in a million years did I think my brother would die this way….never…..and yet, he did 😢

And so have so many loved ones.

Too many.😞

Many people will probably just scroll past because it doesn’t affect them…….I probably would have done the same before 17 June 2020…..😔

But with mental wellbeing being seriously fragile for so many and increasing since the pandemic, how can we keep pretending this doesn’t affect all of us? Our communities, our friends, colleagues, loved ones, our families?

This IS happening and we need to educate ourselves about helping our own mental wellbeing and supporting others.😕
Because together we can make a difference. 🥰

This is not just someone else’s business, this is OUR business.

Linzi x