If you're struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, stress or fears, menopausal symptoms (anxiety, brain fog, rage etc), or you want to build a more resilient mindset and equip yourself with powerful mind skills, Linzi is currently offering 1:1 sessions. 

Each session is as unique as you are, helping you to feel empowered with new mind coaching skills that you can use in every day life.

Linzi Meaden

Linzi works with clients both in clinic (in person) and online (over zoom) and there's very little difference when it comes to working with the mind.

Clients see Linzi for many different reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Fears/Phobias
  • Stress/Overwhelm/Worry
  • Intrusive Thoughts / Flashbacks / Negative Thinking
  • Helping To Boost Confidence / Self Esteem
  • Relaxation / Wellbeing
  • Performance Coaching
  • Mind Coaching 
  • Mind Wellbeing For Menopause Support
  • Wellbeing For Suicide Loss Support

Clinic Location: 42 High Street (at Serenity Therapies), Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1XF

An initial 15 minute consultation (via telephone) can be scheduled.

To book your call, see calendar below.  If you are unable to see any availability on the calendar, please send a message via the 'Contact Linzi' option below as there will be other times available.

To book a consultation call or enquire for more information, message Linzi here.

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