Gratitude and Testimonials

Honestly doing so well with everything - I can’t thank you enough! Your sessions have been such a life changer. I had a bit of a situation recently (something which previously would’ve set me off) but I remained calm and level headed and it was such a relief and an amazing moment! Once again thank you so much!

You’re an absolute life saver! Thank you!


Linzi has been absolutely amazing for me and my son - we have come a long way with her support and are so grateful to her. She shows real compassion and understanding and I would refer her to anyone needing help and indeed have done on several occasions. 

Thanks Linzi, you are a star!


I found the session with Linzi extremely helpful.  I felt I was in a negative rut of constant regret and recycling of the past.  I now feel more positive about the future and myself, and more hopeful as to what life can bring.


I found myself in a really dark place and scared.  After just one session with Linzi, I was no longer experiencing suicidal thoughts and now, after a couple more sessions, I'm feeling the best I've felt for a long time. I've got more energy and feel that my mind has had a huge clearout.  I'm more focussed and I'm able to do things more calmly instead of being agitated and angry.  Linzi's style of therapy is quite unique and I am so grateful that she was recommended to me.


The techniques that you taught me really work and will stay with me always.  I cannot thank you enough.


While I was in London I went on the tube for the first time in nearly 20 years!!!! AMAZING!!!.


Thank you so much for changing my life! My husband can not believe the difference in me. This may sound dramatic but you have potentially saved my marriage!


I want to thank you for the session. I believe you helped me to change and challenge how I'm thinking to break those old bad habits!


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