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'Menopausing' with Davina McCall & Dr Naomi Potter.....

About a year ago I submitted a short contribution to the publisher's of a new book about The Menopause.

Last week, the book was launched and I finally got to see what I had written (I'd totally forgotten - typical sign of being perimenopausal!!) and I also got to meet all the other wonderful contributors along with the lovely Davina, Naomi and Lisa Snowden too.

I've decided that this is a topic that needs more attention when it comes to our mental wellbeing during this stage of our life (the "second spring"). I'm now 48 but I believe my peri-menopausal journey started when I was about 44.

So many women suffer with anxiety, depression, fears, mood swings, extreme fatigue, forgetfulness, brain fog, forgetfulness (did I already mention this?!) and the list goes on (and often they are told it's not connected to being peri-menopausal because "you're too young" ~sigh~).

Too often our GP will prescribe anti-anxiety or anti-depressants rather than focus on our hormonal changes and the impact this has both mentally and physically. There are some really helpful books, resources, support groups and social media pages out there that will provide you with so much more knowledge so that you can decide which route to take.

Of course, Davina's book is the latest book to be published and I can highly recommend reading it. It's really to the point and provides straightforward, straight talking and up to date information and is packed with resources and lived experiences from contributors like myself.

When I added my contribution, I was in a different place to where I am now. I've since started HRT (patches) and whilst they were like a miracle in dealing with the hot flushes, I found myself getting really anxious and agitated so I've now stopped them and I'm possibly trying a different HRT soon. I'm working on seeing how I manage without anything for a few weeks......

As a result, I'm about to launch my biggest challenge to date.......I'm going full in with a new wellbeing programme that involves me covering the length of Route 66 (in memory of my darling brother RIP) by doing the following:

Weekly Peloton Bike Rides

Weekly Bootcamp (outdoor) Classes

Weekly Walking / Running Club

Monthly Group Walk & Talks

Monthly Dance Classes

All of these 'steps' will add up for me to complete Route 66 and hopefully raise funds for charity too.

Exercise is key (and I'm the type of person who would much prefer to snuggle up on a sofa in the evening with a glass of wine!) so this is a huge challenge for me. Really really huge! BUT, I know that it will help my wellbeing and hopefully my menopausal journey too. Alongside this, I'm enrolling in some art classes and singing lessons because I love being creative. Being a mum of 5 year old twins, I absolutely have to make time for me to be me (not just, mum, wife, cleaner, servant, driver etc etc!).

So, if you are feeling 'out of sorts' and just not 'yourself', consider that this may be your hormones changing and read Davina's new book.

You've Got This!

Linzi x

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